What is Aftin Gel?

Aftin gel is a completely new product containing plant extract, which is usually disposable and takes 20 seconds to heals the mouth canker sores. The patient's pain and discomfort decreased after a few minutes and aphthous heals after a short time.

Aftin gel is recommended for the treatment of all small and large cases of the oral pest or aphthous at various stages of formation.

Note: Timely use in the early stages, which is accompanied by pain and burning, prevents the formation and occurrence of oral pest

How Aftin Gel works?

Using Aftin gel on the first days prevents it from becoming canker sore, and if used on the third, fifth, and twelfth days it will halt the aphthous development, and immediately after that blood starts to flow to the site of the aphthous to speed up the recovery phase.

The patient's pain, burning, and discomfort decreased rapidly, and the healing process progressed quickly.

Aftin Gel stops the oral pest formation or development at just 20 seconds and only once at any stage of growth.


Follow the steps below to use Aftin Gel:

1. First, determine the location of the aphthous in the mouth. It is best to seek help from someone else to apply the medication.

2. Open the syringe and gently pour the size of a drop of pink gel on an ear picks.

3. Then gently press the gel-soaked ear pick exactly on the subjected area for 20 seconds. It's better to rotate the ear pick slightly to remove the white layer on the aphthous site.

Note: At this stage, the patient feels burning, which is a sign of the effect of the gel on the pest, please tolerate. No burning sensation means that the Aftin gel does not come into direct contact with the aphthous, so the steps must be repeated. Under no circumstances should Aftin Gel be used more than twice on one canker sore.

4. Immediately rinse your mouth several times with plenty of water to eliminate the bitterness and sourness of the mouth.

What is a canker sore or aphthous?

Aphthous stomatitis or canker sores are small, deep sores that occur in the oral mucosa and sometimes make eating and drinking difficult and painful. Oral pest or aphthous may be mistaken for herpes. The pain usually goes away after 7 to 12 days and takes about 3 weeks to fully heal. Recovery time varies depending on the type of pest.

Aphthous is a common disease and affects up to 20 % of the population and it's more common in people with higher welfare status.

Aphthous usually appear on the inner surfaces of the lips, tongue, palate, and lower gums.

Types of aphthous ulcers

Simple: This type of aphthous occurs 3 to 4 times a year and eventually lasts up to 2 weeks.

Complex: This type is uncommon and it occurs in people who already have the disease. It covers 80% of the aphthous ulcers, which are round, oval, or linear. The wound color is yellow but gradually turns gray. It is mainly seen in the age group of 12 to 42 years old and causes slight discomfort. 

Minor: In this type, wounds between 2 to 4 mm occur in the lips, cheeks,

floor of the mouth, and under the tongue. The number of wounds varies between 1 and 6 and it takes 7 to 10 days to heal but it may recur at irregular intervals. 

Major: This form contains about 1% of pest types. Its size may grow up to 1 cm or even more one anywhere in the mouth, even on the tongue and palate. 

Their number may be between 1 and 6.and It takes 12 to 42 days to recover.

Herpetiform: This form of aphthous is similar to herpes but the herpes virus does not interfere in this disease. This type of aphthous starts with small blisters and quickly turns into small 2 millimeters sores. They may occur anywhere in the mouth. These small soars join together and form a larger wound. It may take 10 days or more to recover. It appears in higher age groups compared to other types of aphthous and is more common in women. They are extremely painful and recurrence intervals are so short that the sores are almost constant.

Attention:  Aftin gel is used and effective in all cases of aphthous.

Aphthous and herpes difference

Herpes (type 1) is a group of painful, fluid-filled blisters. Unlike aphthous, herpes is caused by a virus and highly contagious. Besides, herpes usually appears on the outside of the mouth while aphthous occurs inside the mouth.

Common symptoms of aphthous

▪One or more painful, red spots that gradually turn into sores. Their center is white or yellow and when they start to improve, their color changes to gray.

▪Fever, general discomfort or restlessness, and swollen lymph nodes are also uncommon symptoms of aphthous.

▪Itchy feeling and burning for 24 hours before the wound appearance.

Causes of aphthous ulcers

▪The exact cause of aphthous ulcers is unknown, but the following are more likely:

▪Emotional or physical stress, anxiety, discomfort, and nervousness before menstruation.

▪ Allergies to foods such as walnuts or eggplant and tomatoes or tropical fruits such as pineapple, and sometimes strawberries can damage oral tissue and cause mouth ulcers or mouth sores.

▪ Intense brushing, artificial teeth, and irritation from orthodontic braces

▪ Hot or irritating foods such as chocolate, sour and acidic foods, nuts, and salted chips.

▪ Disease and weakened immune system, and poor nutrition such as vitamin B-12, zinc, and folic acid deficiencies can cause complex aphthous ulcers.

▪ Viral infections

▪Inherited diseases such as Behcet's or gastrointestinal tracts such as celiac disease and Crohn's disease

How to prevent

Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss regularly.

Try not to stress as much as possible.

Avoid foods that seem to trigger an aphthous attack.

Timely use of Aftin gel in the early stages of aphthous formation, which is accompanied by burning and tingling symptoms, prevents canker sores formation.


The best and fastest way to treat oral plague is to use aphthous gel, therefore it is necessary to complete recovery of cases, the following should be observed:

Do not eat spicy or hot foods.

Rinse your mouth with mouthwash or diluted saltwater.

Do not smoke after using Aftin Gel, at least for 2 hours.

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