Adib Burn Ointment topical can be used on:
Adib Dermal Repair Ointment can completely heal all types of wounds. In a general category, this ointment is widely used to treat burns of any degree, bedsores, diabetic wounds, surgical wounds and sutures, facial cosmetic surgery, skin abrasions, laser therapy, and waxing. Easily, repairs and regenerates your skin.
Cosmetic surgery
sutures scar
Diabetic wound
skin stretch marks
Laser therapy
Skin scratches

Adib Derm Restorative Ointment contains active ingredients that stimulating new skin cells to grow in the damaged area, which is very effective in accelerating the regeneration of damaged skin.

With a unique mechanism, Adib Derm Restorative Ointment can meet the needs of damaged tissue-stimulating new skin cells and regrowth of the skin.

Diabetic Wounds
Adib Derm ointment with its special mechanism controls the infection in the wound and with the Antibacterial properties of used herbal in this ointment, it accelerates the process of reconstructing the foot wound.

Waxing, laser therapy, skin scratches, facial cosmetic surgery, surgical wounds, and sutures

The anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and protective effects of Adib Derm ointment protect the wound and by activating the skins repair mechanisms, it can increase the speed of wound healing and prevent the formation of colloids on the wound.


ADIB DERM REPAIRING OINTMENT can treat and heal any injuries, especially burn wounds, in the shortest time and without any side effects. This ointment has completely herbal components such as rose, coriander, and honey wax, each of which plays an important role in repairing burn wounds. Due to its herbal composition, it does not have the side effects of corticosteroids and other skin products and prevents the formation of scars. Adib Derm ointment has antiseptic properties and prevents wound infections as well.


Apply Adib ointment completely and evenly to the lesion every 8 hours. So that the surface of the lesion is covered with a full layer of ointment. Due to the increased moisture content of the lesion, a sticky discharge may be seen on its surface, so wash the wound area every 24 hours with a sterilized serum or lukewarm boiled water. Dry the burn wound with sterile gauze and apply ointment on it.

The wound healing process is usually slow, so be patient with this ointment. If you notice that the wound has healed, do not stop using the ointment and continue to use it until the skin is completely healed and the effects of opacity disappear.

In case of facial burns, if the ointment enters the eye, gently rinse the eye with lukewarm water. It should be noted that due to plant compounds there is no danger to the eye.

Based on the results of clinical studies on this ointment, the positive effect of Adib Derm ointment on the rapid healing of first, second, and third-degree burn wounds besides its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of this ointment has been proven (Ala et al., 2018). Various studies on plants used in Adib Derm ointment show numerous properties that can be mentioned as follows:

Various properties of plants used in Adib-Dermal Repairing Ointment

Anti-inflammatoy properties
Accelerate the healing effect

Antibacterial properties

Category of Adib Derm ointment effects

Prevent scars.
Wound and burn repair
Wound cleanser (performing debridement).
Relieves pain and inflammation (skin and wounds).

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